Monday, October 16, 2006

Thursday Reflection for Week 3

We talked about Wink on Thurday and how his views on power parallel the idea of practices. I thought that the concept of thronos i.e. the seat of power, was very enlightening. I know that there is power inherent within titles and roles, but I think in talking about thronos it was a good reminder. But this is why having a Christian in these various positions of power will not do much in causing transformation. It seems that that is all we are banking on as Christians to change the world: if we only had a Christian president, or if that CEO were Christian, and so on. But what has that done for us? I think that has hurt us in the long run, because if those individuals are open about their faith, their witness to the rest of the world doesn't look to good. Do I have to mention Iraq? A lot of the problem is that we don't realize that there are powers and norms that go along with having power that even the best of individuals is powerless to combat. The whole power system has to be changed, otherwise it will remain what it is: the domination system, with Satan at the helm. That to me is scary. But what is even scarier is that we don't even have a clue. We just keep trying to combat the world using the world's tactics, trying essentially to fight fire with the same fire. How about we try something different for a change, like hm.... water? But I'm not saying that we do not use power. Power is everywhere. But the question is what kind of power should we use? And how do we use it in a way that is consistent with Scripture? I think that Linthicum gives good insight into this. But again, how does that look for those who do not have power? How do we speak for the powerless when we can't even speak for ourselves when it comes to the powers that surround us?


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