Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Thursday Reflection for Week 7

I went the both Missology lectures on Thursday. I was especially moved by Susan Greener's presentation particularly because she brought up the point that Jesus had to come as a baby in order to redeem all of humanity, at every stage of development. This was especially enlightening for me because we focus so much on Jesus as a man, that we forget that he was also once a baby, and also once a child (with the exception of Christmas time). And it is this mentality that has been a part of the problem in the church when it comes to the mission of God amongst children at risk. We have marginalized children as secondary to the "main" mission of God, as the salvation of adult souls. As per Julie Gorman's eloquent exhortation, we belong to one another because of the cross, and it is this attitude that we should take in dealing with those within the church and those outside of the church, which includes all people--children of course included within that. And if we are to take seriously the Kingdom of God, we must have that understanding that, sure, society and its structures need to be transformed, but also we must be transformed in the process. Our sense of the mission of God needs to broaden if we are to fully realize what God has in store for the world, and how he wants to redeem every aspect of it. Not just adults. Not just children. Everyone and Everything...


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