Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tuesday Reflection for Week 6

We split into groups and discussed these tables that Ryan passed out which showed how Jesus redeemed the practices of the times. Our group discussed the understanding of time and how Jesus redefined it. And in just hearing what my other group members were talking about, I started to wonder, do we live our lives as if the Kingdom is present, or have we put it off into the future and only in the future? I think that especially in evangelical circles that it has been much more the latter. I know that I have been more concerned about what happens within the church than what happens outside of its walls. But I'm also thinking that part of the problem is that the structure of my church doesn't allow for much freedom in that regard: we are always doing things, time consuming things, that burn us out. Frankly, I'm tired from doing all of this activity just to build up the local body. I'm not saying that that is bad, but if that's all there is then we are just perpetuating that holy huddle. God help me to break this cycle and see the Kingdom as both present AND future, and not just one or the other.


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