Thursday, November 30, 2006

Reflection for past week and a half (Tues. week 9 and Tues. week 10)

I wasn't in class on Tues. Nov. 28th because I wasn't feeling well, and I forgot to do my reflection for last Tuesday's class before Thanksgiving (go figure), so I probably won't be getting credit for those two posts, but whatever... I was reading other people's blogs and it seemed like on Tues. the lecture continued about postmodernity (second modernity as we have called it). An interesting thing that I came across was the fact that the mega church is the McDonalidized church. I had never thought about that before, even though I am familiar with both, but it all makes perfect sense now. The church influenced by modernity, obviously fell into the rational, bureaucratized way of doing things characteristic of modern thought. But is this the best way to do things? Is it the point to mass-save people to the point of dehumanizing relationships? Is McDonald's really the model that we want to follow in our churches? I think not... But how do we change? I guess that is the point of this class, and the point of trying to be the people of God in the "in-between."


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